Reunionunion is Adam Watkins and Patrick Savage

After years of talking about a possible collaboration, everything came finally together  
when both Adam and Patrick were at the right place and time to make this record. 
Adam recorded blueprints of songs and ideas in St. Louis, and then sent them to Patrick.
Patrick recorded, produced and mixed the record at his studio in Brooklyn using
a variety of electronic and live instrumentation. They interpreted/reinterpreted, reimagined and translated their ideas into the songs that now exist. Lyrics and vocals were passed back and
forth; songs were arranged organically, without any specific agenda or genre in mind.
Reunionunion is a collaboration that has brought two old friends back together to play catch up, sharing stories, thoughts, experiences and feelings through music

About Us

Adam and Patrick met in Canterbury, England in 1999 while studying art at the Kent Institute
of Art & Design and bonded over a mutual love of music and practically all the same records.
Patrick’s band at the time performed as part of Adam’s thesis exhibition. Around the same time
Adam started up Tone Rodent. Adam moved back to St. Louis, where he continued with Tone
Rodent, carving out a new music scene and performing in various art galleries and venues.
Patrick moved to New York where he started PS and Palaceides and is now working under the pseudonym wavscrashing creating and producing music for TV and film.